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5 Things Nobody Told You About Analytics

There are so many different websites that all tell us they can do all the hard work for us, and they're probably right, but they either have a 14 day free trial, or limit your access until you pay them to do the work for you.

I don’t have a “niche”

I wouldn’t be able to cope with multiple blogs and social media accounts to manage my interests. As such, I’m going to open this blog and all of my channels to all of my interests. Wondering what they are?

The “New” Instagram

So we all know Instagram is no longer a "photo-sharing platform". But what does that mean with the new Home feed they've given us? I wasn't going to write anything about this, but then I watched this video from Jonny Keeley over on YouTube, and it got me thinking.

I was playing around with black and white for this one, and couldn't decide which I prefer

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